Jewelry Display Stand Tray With Velvet Top, Accessories Holder For Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches, Perfume Bottle, Sunlasses, Key Chains, Lipstick, Hair Pins

SKU: sj2310111531304585
Three-layer pillow gray 26.5*24*9cm
Three-layer pillow black 26.5*24*9cm
Three-layer pillow beige 26.5*24*9cm
Three-layer pillow red 26.5*24*9cm
Three layers of horizontal strips black 26.5*24*9cm
Three-layer horizontal strips beige 26.5*24*9cm
Three layers of vertical strips gray 26.5*24*9cm
Three layers of vertical strips black 26.5*24*9cm
Three-layer vertical strips beige 26.5*24*9cm

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