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What I am most afraid of is the clothes will have been out of date quickly since I bought them. So what kind of clothes is unfailing? It must be denim jacket. Denim jackets can be called repression treasure in girls’ wardrobe, which is absolutely impossible out-of-date and easy matching,such as dresses, trousers and shorts. Denim jacket can be matched with the same color jeans, with more dense flavor of cowboy or more feminine flavor stepping on heels. It is said that denim jacket is omnipotent. So how could it miss the opportunity to match with wide leg pants? Temperament will immediately come out with camel wide leg pants. White denim jacket would be a very good choice if you are tired of cowboy color. White has been giving people a kind of clean and comfortable feeling. It is very fresh to match with striped sweater, tight black pantyhose and one pair of fisherman shoes.